Importance of Staging

Regardless of your area or type of home, staging often leads to faster sale and a higher selling price. Although often confused, decorating and staging are very different. Decorating is personal; staging is business. In decorating, the goal is to make a house reflect the owners’ personality while staging takes personality out of the house but keeps it warm and inviting. Buyers need to be able to imagine themselves living in your house. 



  • Keep your home spotless. A clean home shows well. 

  • De-clutter. Move through your home with the mantra "less is more" and get rid of (or move to storage) any items that are cluttering your walls, shelves, mantles and floors.

  • Touch up walls and apply a fresh coat of paint where needed.

  • Remove personal objects from the home.

  • Ensure your home smells fresh and clean.